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Kendall is excellent and I recommend her most highly.  Here are some of aspects of her superior performance,which I think is why all brides in the VA-DC-MD area should try to obtain her services:

  • every guest raved to me that her cake was the best wedding cake they have ever had, which is no small feat in a town of foodies
  • she provided vegan and gluten free cupcakes for my guests with dietary restrictions, which is a great help, knowing they could enjoy desert too
  • at my 1st meeting w/her she provided a free tasting, which most bakers in this area do not, and the cake flavors were each phenomenal; honestly, tasting her cakes is like drinking fine wine, where you catch different flavor profiles with each bite of the cake; deciding amongst all of her amazing flavors will be the hardest part, but happily if you have more than 1 layer, you can have more than 1 flavor;
  • her deign was so beautiful, seeing the lovely cake was one of the most fun surprises of my wedding day; I wanted an Irish-style cake, without looking too much like St Patricks day, and she created 3 celtic knots that were the cake topper; really amazing, just look at the photos on her website, all of her cakes are beautiful, real works of temporary art
  • last minute, she worked with my florist on a gorgeous arrangement to go underneath my cake-to make it appear as though it were floating on flowers;
  • she meets with you initially to go over your ideas, for free (while many others make you pay a fee to meet), and she always provides ideas to help with your vision, she responds to emails quickly;
  • I could go on, but if you have any chance to obtain her, I suggest you work with her if she's available.  You will be all the happier for it. 

~Bridget 2012

Kendall graciously and enthusiastically continues to share her talents and passion with our students, most of whom have never been exposed to the kind of culinary delights she creates. Far more important, however, than simply imparting skills is her genuine interest in the men and women we serve and her commitment to our mission of combating hunger and creating opportunity.
~Mike Curtin -- DC Central Kitchen

Kendall’s Cake was one of the fun experiences of the wedding planning process. Kendall Barrett seems to be a fun-loving person who is very talented in making beautiful yummy cakes. Our wedding planner recommended her. My daughter, her fiancé, my husband, and I went to her for a cake tasting. It was just plain fun. We tried around five different flavors and settled on a tupelo honey cake with black berries to go in between cake layers because it was unique, tasty, and truly American (we had lots of wedding guests from out of the country).

My daughter decided on a quite simple designed white frosting cake that would compliment her dress and the wedding flowers—blue hydrangeas. Kendall’s repertoire of cakes she has designed and carried out is absolutely amazing. Obviously, Kendall is very talented at cake design.

She worked well with our florist and she made a little vegan cake for our one daughter who is vegan. We look forward to working with Kendall in the future whether be for a wedding another very special event.
~ Kirsten 2011

To have a wedding cake that is not only beautiful but tastes out of this world...what a way to end a perfect evening! Kendall was an absolute delight to work with--we lucked out that our reception venue (the Hay-Adams) has contracted with her for cakes. I am sure others have used this pun, but Kendall is as sweet as the cakes themselves! She was so awesome that we wanted to go home with her. She created a delicious, moist white cake with passion fruit mousse filling--SO good--our guests were thrilled. The cake was also perfect on the incorporated my husband's desire for something streamlined and modern (a stack of small squares in plain white fondant) with mine for something a little more romantic (beading on the edges, ideal flowers on the top). I only wish I had more use for wedding cakes as I'd love to work with Kendall a million times over (and to enjoy the cakes a million times over too!)
Marli 2011

Just to show you how amazing and delicious her cakes are my then finance (now husband) literally cleaned the plate (I was quite embarrassed but it shows you that ALL of her flavored cakes were to die for). Kendall had a variety of cakes to taste and it was truly hard to narrow it down.

We had visited 4 cake masters in the past month and was really disappointed with the results. We traveled to DC, MD and around VA. Kendall was last on our list and what a shame because I wished we had visited her first and canceled all the other appointments.

All the guests LOVED her cake. It was pretty, modern and above all else delicious. We've all had (or usually passed) on the wedding cakes, because it's most of the time dry and bland. But inform all your guests to have a piece or two because it will be the best wedding cake you would ever had. I actually informed my guests to save room for the cake, and they thanked me that night :)
~ Phan 2010

Kendall is a wedding cake goddess. Not only are her cakes lovely -- she has an artist's touch and replicated the lace on my dress perfectly -- but they are delicious too. I've been to a lot of weddings and usually the cake 1.) falls over or 2.) tastes like cardboard. This cake, key lime with fondant, was amazing and held its shape beautifully. It was moist and sweet...but not too sweet...and melted like butter on the tongue. It was divine. And Kendall herself is a delight to work sweet as her cakes and so charming.
Amanda 2008

It is no exaggeration when I say that your cake absolutely MADE the birthday party! The entire crowd (especially my dad) agreed that it was the most perfect, sprinkly, ginormous, fantastic birthday cake that ever was. Let's just put it this way--IT IS GONE. ALL OF IT!!!!!!! Thank you so much for taking time to create something so beautiful and delicious for me. It truly gave a great dramatic flourish to the party, and my dad was just blown away by the whole thing.
~Serena S.

The wedding cake you created for the Hay-Adams was not only absolutely stunning, but also delectable!
 Rebecca S.

"Kendall matched the colors of our invitation (orange and burgundy) perfectly, and created an elegant and modern cake.  Elaborate without being fussy, classy yet unusual--she matched the tone of our wedding perfectly.  And it tasted as good as it looked!  Our guests all had at least two pieces and we happily dined on the leftover cake for a week afterwards." 
~Elly T. and Tick A.

"No cake in the entire world could ever taste as good or look as beautiful as yours. We would like to thank you so so so much! Your cakes are probably the only reason people come to our parties. WE LOVE YOU."
~Charlotte H. age 11 and Lily H. age 15

"The cake was Fabulous!  The birthday cake you made was more than we dreamed of - it was beautiful, creative and (best of all) delicious.  It was the centerpiece of the party and our friends are still talking about it!  You were so wonderful to work with.  We plan on ordering all our cakes from Kendall's.
Thank you"
~Pamela H

"Dear Kendall,
I like your cakes because you spend so much time decorating them.   They taste awesome!"
~Carolyn H. age 7

"You are amazing. I’ve never seen a cake like the creation you made for me. The whole party was stunned and delighted and I am so grateful for all of your hard work and thoughtfulness. A delicious work of art."
~Renee B.

"This is the best cake I have ever had in my entire life."
~Party guest

"Her simple yet elegant cakes, made with European-style butter, French chocolate, locally grown fruits and cream from the Lewes Dairy in Lewes Delaware, are exceptional."

~Walter Nicholls, Washington Post

"Kendallís Cakes are stunningly beautiful, and actually taste delicious, too. So often the beautiful ones don't make your mouth as happy as your eyes!"
~Barb P.

"Kendallís Cakes are everything a cake should be and nothing that it shouldn't be."
~Ward E.

"Our son and daughter-in-law's cake from Kendall's Cakes was beautiful, unique, and delicious. What more can you say?"
~J. Smith

"Moist and delicious. Not too sweet, with subtle flavors that are the best! Beautiful, creamy icing, again not too sweet. Great for all special occasions!"
~Hannah J.

"Kendall! She was so incredible - willing to do a rush job, willing to use an unusual recipe for a wedding cake (devil's food with white icing - our favorite) and EXTREMELY generous! Plus, the cake was delicious, beautiful and helped make our wedding perfect!"
~M. Elliot

"Incredible taste, awesome beauty, and loving construction! Plus, if you haven't seen the custom painted fondant, this is a unique and special addition to the presentation!"

"Her decoration, artistry and presentations are second to none."
~Peter H.

"Because she's the sweetest thing in Falls Church! And her homemade ice cream sandwiches with cookies are even more to-die-for."
~Bob B.

"Wonderful and easy to work with; cake was gorgeous, delicious, and delivered on time with no mistakes."
~Lillian P.

"Creativity, flexability in consumer's needs, fresh and tasty ingredients!"
~Larry S.

"Beautiful cakes that look lovingly made instead of pretentiously trendy. A true baker."
~Sally T

"Kendall uses only the very best in ingredients and everything she makes is made with great care and love and...her cakes are quite simply the most delicious!"
~Sally C.

"They are as delicious as they are beautiful."
~Joyce B.

"The uniqueness of Kendallís cakes sets them apart from all the others. Her fearless use of color and her artist's touch make these cakes a pleasure to the eye as well as the palate."
~Susan C.

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